What sounds more fun -
Grabbing a beer, or Grabsting a Pabst!?


The goal of this campaign was two-fold – tell people that PBR makes more than beer, and show people that this 177-year-old brand can hang.

Our idea was to revamp PBR's classic 50's advertising jingle. To bring it to life, we hand-picked 15 creators to visually articulate the lyrics and then wove everything together editorially. (Un-fun fact, we were about to shoot a music video, COVID hit, we pivoted.)

We also made shortform "jinglettes" to sing the praises of individual Pabst beverages, from OG PBR to white whiskey.


Featured in Forbes, Muse by Clio, Adweek, and Campaign Live.

Creative director: Erwin Federizo

Art director: Colleen Horne

ECD: Matt Murphy

Designer: Mike Farrell

Producers: Leah Karabenick & Molly McFarland

Partnerships and Legal: Noah Winter

Music: Walker Music

Artists: Fattie McBaddie // Travis Ragsdale // Kate Hush // Ashley Holt // Homeless Cop // Scorpion Dagger // Blotter Media // McBess // Jon Noorlander // The Stitch Gawd // REO // Lucas Levitan // Antonia Bonello // Patagraph

Made [remotely] @ 72andSunny LA