What sounds more fun -
Grabbing a beer, or Grabsting a Pabst!?


The goal of this campaign was two-fold – tell people that PBR makes more than beer, and show people that this 177-year-old brand can hang.

Our idea was to revamp PBR's classic 50's advertising jingle. To bring it to life, we hand-picked 15 creators to visually articulate the lyrics and then wove everything together editorially. (Un-fun fact, we were about to shoot a music video, COVID hit; we pivoted.)

We also made shortform "jinglettes" to sing the praises of individual Pabst beverages, from OG PBR to white whiskey.


Featured in Forbes, Muse by Clio, Adweek, and Campaign Live.

Creative director: Erwin Federizo

Art director: Colleen Horne

ECD: Matt Murphy

Designer: Mike Farrell

Producers: Leah Karabenick & Molly McFarland

Partnerships and Legal: Noah Winter

Music: Walker Music

Artists: Fattie McBaddie // Travis Ragsdale // Kate Hush // Ashley Holt // Homeless Cop // Scorpion Dagger // Blotter Media // McBess // Jon Noorlander // The Stitch Gawd // REO // Lucas Levitan // Antonia Bonello // Patagraph

Made [remotely] @ 72andSunny LA