"Cannes U Not?" is a card game that my partner Colleen and I created to mock brand activism at awards shows.
Simply flip over a social issue. Choose a brand to solve it. And pitch like your career depends on it!


So here's the story. This whole thing stemmed from a "Samsung Smart Surfboard Case Study." Colleen and I happened to see it online and we were like, "Oh dear, brand activism has gone wild!"

Anyway, we started verbally playing this game, which I quickly coined "Cannes U Not?". I'd name a brand, Colleen would name a social issue, and one of us would come up with a ludicrous campaign to solve it.

"How can Olive Garden solve Childhood Obesity? Introducing: Limited Breadsticks."

What followed, was an actual, real game.

Here's the promotional video.

Just look at all the possible combinations. HOW CAN LA QUINTA INN SOLVE BEE EXTINCTION!? INTRODUCING... (that part is up to you.)

Some photos of the game. We made 300 copies, launched a website, and sold out in three days.

Rumor has it, there might be a 2.0 in the works...


Featured in Agency Spy, Adweek, Little Black Book, SF Egotist, and Marketing Dive.

Art director: Colleen Horne

Game manufacturer: Shuffled Ink

Funding and support from MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER