In 2019, it felt like the ad industry had hit peak brand activism.
There was nothing to do but invent a card game about it.

This is: “Cannes U Not?”, the card game my partner Colleen and I created to poke fun at advertising “for good.”

The rules of the game? Draw a social issue card from one deck. Draw a brand card from the other.  Then come up with an on-the-fly case study for how said brand can solve said social issue. Everyone votes on the best pitch, and the first to win three pitches - wins the game.

"How can Olive Garden solve Childhood Obesity? Introducing: Limited Breadsticks."

We partnered with a game manufacturer to produce 500 copies of the game, launched a website, and sold out in three days.


Rumor has it, there might be a 2.0 in the works...


Featured in Agency Spy, Adweek, Little Black Book, SF Egotist, and Marketing Dive.

Art Director: Colleen Horne

Editor: Whitney James

Game Manufacturer: Shuffled Ink

Funding and support from MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER