Amazon Go, Amazon’s grab-and-go store, approached Audi for a brand collab.
What resulted was a truly badass test drive experience.

Introducing: Test Drive to the Unknown.


The YouTube film.

The case study.

If you don't feel like watching the vids, here are some photos to take you through the experience.

To begin, people checked into Amazon Go with their phones.

Once inside, shoppers were met with an Audi-branded shelf full of special Audi "boxes."

Unlocking a test drive was as easy as pulling a box off the shelf.

Everyone who took a box outside was given a key to the Audi A6. No one knew where their test drive would take them.

In the end, every drive led to a unique experience designed to show off the luxurious Audi lifestyle.

A private helicopter tour.

A personal concerto at the Seattle Symphony.

A custom suit fitting.

The chance to help a local street artist complete a mural.

One lucky driver even got to test drive the A6 throughout Germany, Audi's homeland.

Fin. Even though that isn't German.


ACD: Allen Yu

Art director: Colleen Horne

ECD: Joel Kaplan

Senior producer: Molly Hayes

Associate producer: Ben Evangelista

Event partner: KRo Events

Event partner: DriveShop

Event partner: Amazon Go

Box manufacturer: Colorbar

Director: Mike Sugrue of Gravy Films